Why You Should Start Working Out

Early this morning one of my colleagues friends g-chatted me and asked, “Can you write a motivational blog post about why I should start furiously working out again?” (Note: Never again will I make the mistake of referring to this individual as a “colleague” for fear of getting mercilessly mocked.)

I digress.

As someone who is under the naive impression that a hearty sweat session has the potential to solve all most of life’s problems, I gladly obliged to his request.

So here you have it, a few reasons why I think you should start furiously working out (again):

To avoid a case of the “huff and puffs” when you have to walk down four flights of stairs during a fire drill at work. Or, so you’re not forced into early retirement when the elevator breaks. Although, this may cause some to rejoice. To each his own.

So you can eat extra cookies, cupcakes, or in my case, peanut butter. I would tag “guilt free” to the end of that sentence, but food should not be associated with guilt. Say it with me folks, “thou shalt not attend confession after consuming 1/3 of a jar of peanut butter four slices of pizza in one sitting.” No repentance necessary. Just try not to make it a habit.

Sometimes ya just need to nosh on cookies the size of your face:

Yes, that would be a screenshot I took a month ago when Jenny’s Homemade Cookies released a new flavor. My mouth watered. I mean, do you see those ingredients?

So you have a valid excuse to buy cute, new exercise duds. Unfortunately for my male friend who suggested this post, he will probably find little-to-no motivation in this logic. But, it certainly motivates me. I love the word “duds” and I love buying new ones. A brand-spankin’ new pair of athletic shorts powered me through 10 miles a few weeks ago. Thank you very much. If you’d rather not fork over the cash, spend 15 minutes making your own!.

To get happy. Remember that one time when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch? It had absolutely nothing to do with his newfound lust for Katie Holmes (too soon?), he was jumping up and down. He was exercising his tail off on that plush, leather couch! The correlation is pretty obvious.

Tomcat Love.ing.life. Oprah, on the other hand, not so much. (source)

Question: What gets you motivated to exercise?

One thought on “Why You Should Start Working Out

  1. The endorphins, the aesthetically pleasing body😉, the long term and short term wealth benefits, and it’s a great cheap social activity to partake in with others!

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