Dos and Don’ts for the Last Weeks of Summer

Is anyone else wondering where summer went? I certainly am. Don’t get me wrong, I love sweaters, pumpkins and football as much as the next person, but I’m not quite ready to say sayonara to my favorite season.

I’d like to suggest a few dos and don’ts for living up the last few weeks before autumn rolls around:

Do: Explore your city. Try a new restaurant, visit a local farmer’s market or go for a hike. Be a tourist in your hometown!

I can’t believe it took me almost an entire year to finally walk a mile to a farmer’s market in my own ‘hood! Shame on me.

Don’t: Explore a local farmer’s market filled with wood fired oven breads, fresh, colorful produce or homemade granola, and only walk out carrying a block of dark chocolate fudge. Ahem, not that I’ve ever done that.

Do grab a beer at a local watering hole. And do drink it on the patio.

Don’t take candy from strangers. Especially if they are standing on, in or around a white van.

Do develop a good habit. They say it takes 21 days to develop a good habit, and conveniently, there are just more than 21 days until fall starts. Whether it’s meditating, exercising, showering, reading, or the like, just do it.

I’m obsessed with these. I’m sure it’s not obvious. No? (source)

Don’t develop a “habit” of flossing two weeks before your next appointment with the “gum masseuse” and think he won’t notice. He will.

Side note: My dentist has actually said, “Doesn’t that feel like a massage?” after going to town on my gums. No doc, it’s doesn’t. You are entertaining, though, so I’ll give ya that.

Do something outdoorsy – before it gets too cold! Go “cabrewing,” play sand volleyball, attend a street party (Cincy folks: Events on Fountain Square!) or hike in a park you’ve never been to.

Or, kill two birds with one stone, and drink on your patio.

Don’t go for a run outside, trip on a bike path that runs along a heavily trafficked road and try to play it off like you’re stretching. (Another one of the many things I’ve alluded to on this blog that have never actually happened to me.)

Do plan a picnic. Seriously, how fun does that sound? And wear a really cute light green sweatsuit like Michelle Tanner does in the opening credits of Full House.

Don’t hang out with Bob Saget. It was a sad day when I learned the harsh reality that he’s not the Danny Tanner I grew to know and love during my grade school years.

Liar!!! (source)

Question: What are your dos and don’ts for living up the last few weeks of summer?

6 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts for the Last Weeks of Summer

  1. “Don’t develop a “habit” of flossing two weeks before your next appointment with the “gum masseuse” and think he won’t notice. He will.”

    I feel like I’ve been hearing this one for years. CLASSIC Buelterman…

  2. Do: Christmas shopping.
    Don’t: Actually go Christmas shopping.

    Do: run through a sprinkler
    Don’t: run through your neighbors in-ground sprinkler

  3. This question might be off point but it’s something that I’ve been wondering about ever since day one of Sarah’s Doodles. I am sure that many people have the same question. I’m sorry, I just can’t let this go any longer. It’s killing me. Life is way too short to be in a constant quander (screw spell check!) I have enough trouble sleeping and this just has to be cleared up once and for all. -What kind of tree is that on the top of your blog?

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