The Nap That Wasn’t

Yesterday morning Molly and I set out for our last run together before we embark on the 26.2-mile international jog throughout Buffalo, New York and Niagra Falls.

Since we were only running eight miles, we considered pushing our run back until 8:30 or 9 a.m., but we had post-run plans…

…to get our yoga on.

Lululemon Athletica hosted Yoga Your City in Cincinnati’s newly renovated Washington Park. Granted, I’m a yoga novice, it was unlike any other yoga class I’ve attended.

We were in an open field, in the heart of the city. It was a crisp morning, but between the heat of the sun and my body temperature rising from the workout, a few minutes in, I was too warm and focused to notice the breeze.

One instructor led us through several poses, and afterward another lady led us through a meditation. Afterward, local vendors provided fruit and baked bread smeared with diffferent homemade jams.

I wish this was more than just an annual event!

Later in the day I set out with one crucial, important goal in mind: to take a nap. I even downloaded three different meditative apps to get my usually wired, anxious self in the zone.

This one was my favorite.

Let’s just say I’m glad these apps were free. I spent approximately 90 minutes tossing and turning in my bed before waving the white flag. I spent about half the time harnessing my inner toddler and listening to a white noise app and the other half listening to a lady recite relaxing phrases about waterfalls and misty streams.

Unfortunately, I proved yet again that I’m just not cut out for the whole napping thing.

How preschoolers across the nation have mastered the art of this American pastime, while I, a 24-year-old, who can jump 2,000+ times on a pogo stick cannot, I’ll never know.

I’m fairly certain it’s the eighth wonder of the world.

Question: Did any parks near you host a Yoga Your City Event? Are you a good napper?!

7 thoughts on “The Nap That Wasn’t

  1. I always find that when I want to take a nap- it’s impossible and when I don’t want to nap I find myself waking up two hours later..😦

    NYC has free Lulumon yoga all the time, I haven’t been yet but I’m hoping to go in the spring when it’s warmer- you should check you’re local stores schedule I think most stores have free yoga and running groups

  2. I can’t nap either. Unfortunately this seems to be a trait I have passed down to my 3 year old daughter as she struggles napping a s well. So we end up with two crabby household members most weekend nights!

    Good luck on the upcoming run!

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